Perseverance Power Strategies: Persistence and Tenacity When You Need It Most

Stop giving up on yourself and your goals. Achieving anything worthwhile takes perseverance. Luckily, it’s not that hard to overcome difficulty and discouragement. You can learn simple, powerful strategies that help you stay committed to your goals and finish what you start. You can make a habit of persisting with purpose.

Starting things is easy. When we are fueled by enthusiasm, most of us can dive into something new and make a little progress. Inevitably, though, we encounter obstacles. Tough challenges present us with tough choices. If we persist, there may be pain, frustration, and failure. If we don’t, we face the regret of having added one more thing to our growing collection of unfinished projects, unattained goals, and unrealized ambitions.

Perseverance Power Strategies gives you an assortment of practical and easily adaptable methods you can use to stay focused and driven when setbacks delay your progress. You’ll discover:

  • How to identify and optimize the resources you have to confront adversity head-on.
  • How to reframe setbacks so that you’ll see ways to transform obstacles into opportunities.
  • How to adjust your goals to make adversity more manageable and make it easier to persevere.
  • How to boost your tenacity and tackle challenges with renewed creativity and resolve.
  • How to account for internal and external factors that affect persistence so that you can stay focused but flexible.

Sancho Sortoviro synthesizes research in cognitive science, entrepreneurship, and psychology to compile a strategic framework for persisting in the face of adversity. Everyone can learn to persevere. Everyone can learn to overcome obstacles to their success. Perseverance Power Strategies shows you how to push past resistance in pursuit of your goal.

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