Propinquity: How (and Why and Where) to Align Yourself with Like-Minded People

When we practice propinquity, we place ourselves where we can make valuable connections, and we align ourselves with positive influences and like-minded people.

The preparation phase of the gainful serendipity process consists of conditioning and positioning. One of the primary components of positioning ourselves for serendipity is propinquity.

7 Serendipity Strategies

A substantial amount of recent published research related to serendipity comes from the field of information science. Often, this research is focused on ways that digital environments might be designed to support serendipitous information discovery.

Whether the environment is virtual or physical, there are a lot of similarities between information-seeking behavior and opportunity-seeking behavior. Therefore, many of the strategies that can help digital information seekers experience serendipity more often can be employed by opportunity seekers as well.

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