11 Components of Wisdom

Charles V was one of France’s more intellectual monarchs. He maintained a vast library, and commissioned many French translations of significant works. He was a builder king, as well. During his reign he built (or rebuilt) the Bastille, the Louvre, the Chateau de Vincennes, and the Chateau de Saint-Germaine-en-Laye.

He loved ceremony and held a magnificent court, but he was an adherent of scientific political theory, and was known for his procedural and detailed approach to matters of state.

Charles was adept at military matters, too. He reorganized the army, established a navy, and introduced ordinances that provided for soldier pay, the regular inspection and repair of fortifications, and more clear and reliable disciplinary action.

Cultivate Equanimity for Mental Balance and Composure

The Battle of Waterloo was the decisive military engagement that would bring an end to Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule as Emperor of the French.

Henry Paget, 2nd Earl of Uxbridge, led the British heavy cavalry, one of the units of the Anglo-allied army commanded by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.

As modern accounts go, after the initial heavy cavalry charge, Lord Uxbridge continued to lead a series of light cavalry formations, having eight or nine horses shot out from under him.

Toward the end of the day, Uxbridge was riding alongside the Duke of Wellington, surveying the aftermath. One of the last random cannon shots of the battle fired a load of rusty grapeshot that shattered Uxbridge’s right leg.

7 Serendipity Strategies

A substantial amount of recent published research related to serendipity comes from the field of information science. Often, this research is focused on ways that digital environments might be designed to support serendipitous information discovery.

Whether the environment is virtual or physical, there are a lot of similarities between information-seeking behavior and opportunity-seeking behavior. Therefore, many of the strategies that can help digital information seekers experience serendipity more often can be employed by opportunity seekers as well.

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