A Gainful Serendipity Framework

Most of the available published research on serendipity relates to serendipitous occurrences within the domains of applied research, scientific discovery, invention, and technological development. There is also a fair amount of research on serendipity in the field of information science, particularly as it affects information seeking and discovery.

There is considerably less research on the prospect of stimulating serendipity for personal, professional, or entrepreneurial gain. However, the impact of serendipity in business is increasingly acknowledged, and there are many books and articles that address the topic.

7 Serendipity Strategies

A substantial amount of recent published research related to serendipity comes from the field of information science. Often, this research is focused on ways that digital environments might be designed to support serendipitous information discovery.

Whether the environment is virtual or physical, there are a lot of similarities between information-seeking behavior and opportunity-seeking behavior. Therefore, many of the strategies that can help digital information seekers experience serendipity more often can be employed by opportunity seekers as well.

Luck, Opportunity, and Serendipity

The focus of this blog is how individuals and organizations might better prepare and position themselves for serendipity.

But my tagline (as of this posting) also mentions improving luck and expanding opportunities.

So, I figured a good first post might briefly explain the concepts of luck, opportunity, and serendipity, as well as how these three concepts are interrelated.

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